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Live a Life Free of Cataracts with Help from Eye Center South

Living with cataracts can be difficult, but at Eye Center South, we’ve made removing cataracts and restoring vision as easy as possible. Over the years, our experienced eye surgeons have used their expertise, advanced procedures, and cutting-edge technology to perform over 200,000 successful cataract surgeries. Now, we’re ready to help you restore your vision if you have a cataract.


What is a Cataract?

The human eye has a natural lens that lies just behind the pupil. The eye’s lens works much like a camera lens. When light enters the eye, the clear lens will focus that light onto the retina at the back of the eye. These images are then sent to the brain for processing, allowing us to see. However, as we age, the clear lens starts to become cloudy and can’t focus light properly, resulting in the blurred vision we call a cataract.

Changes in the natural lens often occur around age 40, with many becoming aware of their cataracts at 60. Cataracts are incredibly common. In fact, by age 80, more than half of all Americans either have a cataract or have had cataract surgery. A cataract can occur in either or both eyes, but it cannot spread from one eye to the other.


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When To Have Your Cataract Removed

If you’re bothered by glare, halos around lights, or even double vision, cataracts could be the problem. The best time to have your cataract removed is as soon as your quality of life has been diminished because of poor vision.

Symptoms of a cataract include:

  • Blurry or double vision
  • Fading or yellowing colors
  • Glare or light sensitivity
  • Trouble driving at night
  • Requiring more light to read properly

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How is a Cataract Treated?

In order to restore the vision that’s been obscured by cataracts, the clouded natural lens must be surgically removed. During cataract surgery, one of our expert cataract surgeons will gently remove your eye’s clouded natural lens and replace it with a clear, artificial lens called an intraocular lens (IOL).

Cataract surgery, which lasts approximately 10 minutes, is performed as an outpatient procedure. Our patients often return to their normal activities just a few days after surgery.


IOLs Can Improve the Range and Quality of Vision

IOLs for cataract surgery were originally designed to simply restore vision. However, thanks to an evolution in design and technology, specific IOLs don’t only restore vision, they can make it better than ever before.

At Eye Center South, we offer our patients advanced IOLs that are designed to provide exceptional results and can even correct blurry vision caused by refractive errors like myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. We’re proud to give our patients incredible visual results the using the industry’s most innovative IOL, the RxSight® Light Adjustable Lens (LAL).


Crystal Clear Vision with the RxSight® Light Adjustable Lens

Many patients who have to wear glasses because of their refractive error will choose an IOL that can correct their blurry vision, meaning that, after cataract surgery, they will no longer have to use prescription eyewear to see clearly.

As the evolution in lens implant design and technology continues to offer surgeons and patients improved outcomes and expanded options, there are still limitations. Every eye heals differently after the surgery. This can sometimes cause an IOL that was meant to correct vision to be ineffective, and the patient will still have to wear corrective glasses.

However, the RxSight® LAL is the first IOL that’s able to be adjusted after being implanted during cataract surgery. A few weeks after surgery, your doctor can adjust the photo-sensitive LAL using UV light. This allows your doctor to design, test, and customize your IOL to treat your specific vision needs. With the RxSight® LAL, we can truly personalize your procedure and ensure that you experience the world with exceptional vision.


Setting New Standards in Cataract Care

Thanks to recent advancements in IOL technology and surgical techniques, cataract surgery has become one of the safest, most successful – and most common – surgical procedures performed today. Each year, more than 20 million people across the world have their vision restored through cataract surgery.

At Eye Center South, we offer multiple options for treatment plans to ensure that you can get the most out of your eye surgery, including:

1) Base Cataract Surgical Care Plan:

  • Medicare or insurance deductibles apply
  • Single Focus IOL (distance or near vision only)
  • Astigmatic correction available at additional cost

2) Standard Cataract Surgical Care Plan:

  • Medicare or insurance deductibles apply
  • Single Focus IOL (distance or near vision only)
  • Astigmatic correction available at additional cost
  • Tri-Moxi Injection to reduce or eliminate post-surgical drops

3) Custom Cataract Surgical Care Plan:

  • Night Vision Benefit
    The New Monofocal Tecnis Aspheric Lens has been tested and proven to provide better night vision correction for distance vision.
  • Astigmatism Management
    Astigmatism is a common condition where the cornea (front layer of the eye [like the windshield of a car]) is shaped more like a football than the ideal shape of a basketball and this shape can cause vision to be blurred.
  • Limbal Relaxing Incision or LRI
    Is a surgical procedure to reduce astigmatism and is performed if recommended by the surgeon and wished by the patient. Additional diagnostic testing is included to determine the necessary information to perform the procedure.
  • Toric Lens Implant
    For patients who have a more severe degree of astigmatism, the Toric Lens Implant may be the best option for an additional cost.  LRI surgery may be performed in combination with the Toric Lens Implant if recommended by the surgeon at no additional cost to the patient.
  • Blended Vision (Similar to monovision with contacts)
    The Custom Cataract Surgical Care Plan is designed to help reduce your dependence on corrective eyewear for distance and intermediate or near vision.  You may still require glasses for some activities.

4) Premium Cataract Surgical Care Plan:

  • Multi-Focal or Accommodating IOL’s allows patients to enjoy a fuller range of vision after cataract surgery by reducing or eliminating the dependency on glasses or contacts.

Premium Cataract Care includes additional diagnostics & testing, patient counseling, and Astigmatism Management.

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