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Cosmetic Reconstructive Procedures

  • Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Procedure) – The surgical procedure to correct drooping skin of the upper eyelids and bags and bulges of the lower eyelids that make you look tired even when you are not. In many cases insurance will help cover a portion of the evaluation and the procedure.
  • Ectropion – Ectropion is the turning outward of the lower eyelid, or sagging of the lower eyelid.
  • Entropion – Entropion is the turning inward of the eyelid causing the eyelashes to rub against the eye proving to be very irritating and eventually even painful.
  • Eyelid Ptosis Repair Procedure – The surgical treatment to correct a Ptosis, which is drooping of the upper eyelid wherein the muscle that opens the eyelid (the levator aponeurosis) has slipped or is weak.
  • Facial Fractures – Fractures of the orbit (the four bony wall surrounding the eyeball, and all its contents) could cause the eye to appear sunken back, allow for double vision, poor vision, blindness and disfigurement. These fractures are now frequently repaired via very small well hidden incisions.
  • Moh’s Reconstructive Procedure – The procedure performed after a Moh’s Surgery (surgery used to treat common types of skin cancer) that repairs the damaged site by carefully reconstructing the facial tissue in patients and restoring their skin’s natural appearance.

"Patient Testimonials"

“The total experience was exceptional. The entire staff was professional and friendly. They made sure that I was comfortable, informed and taken care of in the most efficient manner.  Customer service at its best!”
“I am so impressed with the kind and caring staff with so much expertise in their field. The staff were sincere in wanting to give the best care possible to their patients.”
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