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Did you know that Diabetes is One of the Leading Causes of Vision Disturbances?

Diabetes is a widespread disease that affects millions of Americans.  Aside from raised blood sugar, diabetes is also associated with visual disturbance.  When first diagnosed with diabetes, a dilated examination with a Retina Specialist is highly recommended. Following your initial evaluation, a yearly examination is also encouraged to monitor the disease to take preventative measures to lessen the risk of complications that can come along with diabetes.

Here at Eye Center South our Retinal Specialists, Dr. John Fortin, and Dr. Ram Peddada have extensive experience with diagnosing and treating this disease, so contact our office today at 800-467-1393 to make your appointment with one of our Board-Certified Ophthalmologist.   Eye Center South, Dothan, Albany, Panama City, Destin, and Andalusia.