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Anatomy of The Ear

Sound waves are collected by the outer ear and funneled down the ear canal to the eardrum. The impact of sound hitting the eardrum creates vibrations that cause three bones in the middle ear to move, called the ossicles. The ossicles transmit the vibrations into the hearing organ, called the cochlea.

Ear Anatomy

In the inner ear, thousands of microscopic hair cells are bent by the wavelike action of fluid inside the cochlea. The bending of these hairs sets off nerve impulses that are then passed through the auditory nerve to the hearing center of the brain. This center translates the impulses into sounds the brain can recognize.

Self Hearing Test

  • Have you noticed difficulty hearing?
  • Do you have ringing or other noises (tinnitus) in your ears?
  • Do others complain that you watch television with the volume too high?
  • Do you frequently have to ask others to repeat themselves?
  • Do you have difficulty following conversations in groups or noisy situations?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing in public gathering places (church, theater, concert hall)?
  • Do you have difficulty understanding women’s or children’s voices?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing on the telephone?
  • Do you have trouble understanding when someone is not looking directly at you?
  • Do others tell you that you don’t seem to hear them?
  • Do people seem to mumble (not speak clearly)?
  • Do you avoid family meetings or social situations because you can’t understand what people are saying?
  • Do you currently wear a hearing aid?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may benefit from a hearing evaluation.
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Hearing and vision are your two most important senses. We treat them both here. Hearing loss is the world’s single most common disability.

Candidate Hearing

Correcting it can result in a significant improvement in quality of life. We now offer diagnostic audiology services, including comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing aids, and assistive devices. Our full-time Hearing Instrument Specialist, Gene Smith, performs the evaluation and recommends appropriate treatment for your hearing loss. Gene Smith, will assist you in the selection of hearing aids or make referrals if medical treatment is required for your hearing loss.

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