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    The Future of Hearing Solutions… IS HERE!
    At Eye Center South, Board-Certified Hearing Aid Specialist, Gene Smith, is taking listening solutions to the NEXT LEVEL with Phonak’s exciting Audeo V and Bolero V technology.

    Audeo VAudeo V

    Optimal support in the most challenging listening situations, great sound quality and a discreet, modern design.

    • So small that it virtually disappears behind the ear
    • Choice of styles at different price levels
    • An option to help manage tinnitus

    Bolero VBolero V

    The new Phonak Bolero V hearing aids feature our latest high-performance technology and are designed to provide you a seamless listening experience.  All this in an aesthetically appealing and robust design.

    • Newly designed models at different performance levels
    • Water resistant and dust tight
    • Connects to the entire Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio