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What Cataract Package Is Right For You?

Another advantage of having your cataract procedure performed at Eye Center South is access to the latest breakthroughs in Intraocular Lenses (IOL) designs used in cataract surgery.  Thanks to recent approvals in Medicare and the insurance industry, cataract patients can now choose to enhance their vision with a number of exciting new lens implants. There are three main categories – or packages – for cataract patients to choose from at Eye Center South:

Our Standard Cataract Package, our Custom Cataract Package, and our Premium Cataract Package. Below is a brief description of each package.

Standard Cataract Surgery provides patients conventional cataract measurements and the basic single focus lens implant. Most patients choosing our Standard package will require prescription glasses to see clearly up close and in the distance after surgery

Our Custom Cataract Package includes special testing, measurements, surgical techniques, and lens implants designed to improve your night driving ability, correct your astigmatism, fine-tune your surgical result and reduce or eliminate your need for glasses for distance vision.  This category is ideal for patients who want to restore their confidence to drive at night or have been told they have astigmatism.

Our Premium Cataract Package at Eye Center South includes additional testing and measurements and specially designed lens implants to help you see clearly at both near and distance with little or no dependence on prescription eyewear. This package also includes laser vision enhancement to fine-tune your result if necessary and make you as independent from prescription eyewear as possible.

Our staff will work together with you to help you decide which one of our cataract packages best suits your needs. Although your general health and the overall condition of your eyes play a critical role in lens selection, your lifestyle – and the role your eyes play in the activities you enjoy most – should also play into your selection.

At Eye Center South, Dr.’s  Zsolt Bansagi, William Bennett, Marnix Heersink, and Sebastian Heersink, have extensive experience with diagnosing and treating cataracts, so contact our office today at 800-467-1393 to make your appointment with one of our board-certified Ophthalmologist.