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Dr. Sen Duke Eye Center Press Release January 2022

Dr. Sen Duke Eye Center Press Release January 2022

Eye Center South Ophthalmologist Contributes Chapter in book published by Duke Eye Center

Eye Center South Ophthalmologist Dr. Harsha Sen has recently contributed a chapter to the highly regarded and newly released textbook “The Duke Manual of Vitreoretinal Surgery” produced for Duke University Eye Center in North Carolina as part of its internationally renowned ophthalmology training programs.

Dr. Sen’s chapter is on “Retinoschisis Retinal Detachment”. Retinoschisis is a condition in which an area of the retina (the tissue lining the inside of the back of the eye that transmits visual signals to the optic nerve and brain) has separated into two layers. The part of the retina that is affected by retinoschisis can lead to detachment of the entire retina and loss of vision.  While this type of detachment is not the most common, it can be difficult to successfully repair.

In the textbook, Dr. Sen provides insights on preoperative, postoperative and management considerations with this type of retinal detachment and reviews the surgical approach and procedures that should be utilized. The chapter is featured in the section “Challenging Vitreoretinal Surgical Scenarios”. Dr. Sen was recruited to write the chapter based on his surgical experience and ties to the Duke University retinal ophthalmology community.

Dr. Sen joined Eye Center South four years ago as a retinal surgeon in Dothan, AL. A year later, he was named Medical Director for all Eye Center South locations in Alabama, Florida and Georgia. He has extensive clinical, surgical, research, and teaching experience as a former faculty member of Duke University and the University of Kentucky and is a past Director of the Retina Service at the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Sen received his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and completed his Internship in Internal Medicine at his alma mater. He served his Residency in Ophthalmology at the University of Virginia and his Fellowship in Vitreoretinal Surgery at Duke University.

Dr. Sen has been published in numerous medical journals, collaborated in the development of the first intraocular sustained-release drug implant, and continues to be active in the clinical research of new medications to treat diabetic retinal disease. He is a member of the medical honor society Alpha Omega Alpha, a Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and has received professional recognition in Best Doctors. Call 800-467-1393 or visit to learn more.

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