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iDose TR is a micro-sized, FDA-approved implant for patients with Glaucoma. Dr. Sebastian Heersink is the first surgeon in the state of Alabama to perform this procedure in May of 2024 in our Dothan clinic. iDose is a tiny implant that is 200 times smaller than a single drop of glaucoma medication. It’s designed to stay in place and remain stable in the eye. You won’t feel or know it’s there. iDose TR continuously releases prescription glaucoma medicine directly inside your eye to help reduce high eye pressure. For more information about the iDose, click here.

iDoseTR continuously releases medication exactly where you need it, inside the eye, to reduce pressure, protect vision, and ensure you get the medication you need all day and night.

iDoseTR was proven safe and effective in two large clinical studies of 1,150 patients with glaucoma. Most of the common side effects of iDose were mild. In the iDose clinical studies,most patients did not experience any serious side effects. The most common side effects in the eye occurred in only 2 to 6% of patients who received iDoseTR.

Many glaucoma patients struggle with complying with their daily eye drop regimen to maintain stable eye pressure. The iDoseTR implant delivers medication directly in your eye, removing the inconvenience of using drops multiple times a day. If you have difficulty holding the eye drop bottle or successfully getting prescribed eye drops in your eyes, the iDoseTR could be a great option. Some patients also have difficulty remembering to take their drops, or the cost of monthly eye drops can be a barrier to your doctor’s prescribed care.

The iDoseTR was recently FDA approved and is a covered service for medically eligible patients by some providers. Most major providers will begin covering this treatment option in July of 2024. Our team is happy to check your eligibility for this treatment by scheduling an evaluation.

For more information about the iDose, click here

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