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As we grow older, the natural lens of the eye tends to become cloudy, obstructing vision. This is called a cataract. During cataract surgery, your vision is restored when your surgeon removes the old, damaged lens and replaces it with a clear, artificial lens. Originally, artificial lenses were designed to simply restore vision, but now, advancements in technology and design allow specific artificial lenses to not only restore vision but make it better than ever before. Artificial lenses can also correct refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The RxSight Light Adjustable Lens is a new artificial lens that addresses cataracts and corrects refractive errors. It’s an adjustable artificial lens, meaning that your doctor can adjust the lens after it’s implanted during cataract surgery and accurately address your specific vision correction needs.

Two to three weeks after your Light Adjustable Artificial Lens is implanted during cataract surgery, you will have an eye exam. Your doctor will use the RxSight Light Delivery Device (LDD) to adjust your intraocular lens. The LDD will painlessly deliver UV light to adjust the light-sensitive Light Adjustable Lens, customizing it to fit your eyes and provide you with clear sight. This lens can be adjusted several times, ensuring that you receive the best visual outcome.

Many of those with a refractive error will choose an artificial lens designed to restore their vision and correct their blurry eyesight, so they don’t have to wear prescription lenses anymore. However, each eye heals differently after cataract surgery, which can affect an artificial lens’ ability to provide you with clear vision without the aid of glasses.

Many patients who wear glasses because of their refractive error will choose an artificial lens that corrects their blurry vision so that after cataract surgery, they will no longer need glasses.

The RxSight® Light Adjustable Lens is the first artificial lens that’s adjustable after being implanted during cataract surgery. A few weeks after surgery, your doctor can adjust the photo-sensitive Light Adjustable Lens using UltraViolet light. Your doctor can design, test, and customize this lens to treat your specific vision needs. With the RxSight® Light Adjustable Lens, we can truly personalize your procedure and ensure that you experience the world with exceptional vision.

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