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How to Prevent Ocular Injuries

How to Prevent Ocular Injuries

Athletes are especially susceptible to ocular injuries, or injuries of the eye. Surprisingly, basketball results in the most ocular injuries of all sports. Bruising of the face is common and does not result in a serious injury; however, serious injuries such as retinal tears and detachments can occur. Soccer and baseball also account for a great deal of ocular injuries. These are typically caused by direct kicks to the eye or a direct hit from a baseball which can lead to corneal abrasions and orbital fractures. Skiers must also be cautious of eye injuries. UV eye protection is essential when skiing at high elevations. Without this protective eyewear, temporary blindness called Solar Keratitis can occur. Chronic exposure to UV rays can lead to more complicated diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and growths on the eye.

If you experience any of these ocular injuries, you should be seen immediately by an Eye Care Professional. To make an appointment with one of the Board-Certified Ophthalmologists at Eye Center South, please call 800-467-1393.

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