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What Type of Glaucoma Are You Suffering From?

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What Type of Glaucoma Are You Suffering From?

The common awareness is that glaucoma refers to just one form, but the term actually describes a group of eye diseases that can distress the optic nerve and damage your vision. Understanding and diagnosing the different types of glaucoma allows our Eye Center South Team to set up an effective treatment plan and protect your vision from further deterioration. It is important to note, however, that glaucoma is not a curable disease but can be delayed or the further progression can be stopped through treatment. The type of glaucoma diagnosed will affirm the treatment method that is necessary and how closely patients will continue to be monitored. Because early-onset glaucoma typically has no symptoms, it’s vital that you undergo routine eye examinations to ensure that you maintain the health of your eyes.  Through a glaucoma evaluation, we can determine the degree and type of eye disease that you are suffering from. If you are experiencing symptoms associated with glaucoma, including loss of peripheral vision or tunnel vision, please contact Eye Center South at 800-467-1393 to schedule an appointment with one of our Board-Certified Glaucoma Specialists, Dr. Kirk Sturridge or Dr. Anthony Leoncavallo. The earlier treatment is sought, the better the chance of preserving your vision.– Eye Center South Dothan, Panama City, Destin, Albany or Andalusia.

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